First message form Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society 2nd Board comes along recent mega changes in Iran bringing new horizons of hope to better future & the subsequent high potential energies in our beloved country. In the beginning, we would like to thank our valued colleagues in Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society 1stBoard whose efforts & creativities & the valuable time devoted has brought Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society to current level & wish them all success in their activities. Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society 2nd Board mission surely shall continue their valued efforts & welcomes their professional comments, experiences & assistance to improve Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society & Iranian Chapter of International Geosynthetic Society (IGS).

nIranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society 2nd Board in cooperation of Iranian Chapter of International Geosynthetic Society has mastered activities non-stop from January 2014. Board meetings have been regularly been held first week of every month, relevant decisions & activities been taken & reported to all esteemed members. Among those, we can address upgrading & restart of 3 committees (technical, development & manufacturers committees), full upgrade of the website in Persian & English, delegate participation in 10th IGS international conference on Geosynthetic in Berlin from May 21 to 25, 2014 & reactivation of the periodical.

nMain goals of Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society 2nd Board is to encourage manufacturers to produce high quality, innovative & useful products, to facilitate the interaction between university & industry& also conducting workshops & technical seminars. Appreciating the manufacturers to take the risk of their assets & putting so much effort, Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society demands them to promote variety & quality of products to meet international standards & stabilize QA/QC culture in manufacturing procedures. We demand suppliers to find & introduce new & innovative Geosynthetic solutions to the local market. Iranian Geosynthetic Engineering Society demands university bodies to interact more & facilitate analysis, design, modeling, testing & application of Geosynthetic solutions. In consequence, we demand clients& project owners to assist creation of a high potential atmosphere to grow effective utilization of Geosynthetic solutions & the way for vast research & development (R&D) in this engineering field. The realization of sustainable growth green environment shall only be achieved under lubricated cooperation between all involved parties. Nonetheless the effect of value engineering & quality control from raw material in manufacturing till final delivery of installed Geosynthetic shall not be neglected.

Our message to all valued members as well as involved bodies in Geosynthetic projects ends with appreciation to their enthusiasm & an open invitation to all to actively participate in the 3 specialized committees (technical, development & manufacturers committees), support our workshops , seminars & national & international conferences to promote Geosynthetic. Presence in international Geosynthetic events seems very essential which deeply needs support of private & governmental corporate members to committedly attend & promote Iran position in international positioning.

With regards